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Wildlife Restoration Act Projects in Delaware


Snow geese are captured to record data about their migratory habits and wintering tendencies in Delaware.

The Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife receives Federal grant funds from the Wildlife Restoration Act (WRA) trust fund on a yearly basis to support wildlife and habitat restoration projects and hunter education. The WRA is funded through excise taxes placed on sporting firearms, ammunition and hunting gear. Amendments in 1970 and 1972 added excise taxes on handgun and archery equipment sales to fund hunter education and shooting ranges. Using a user pay/user benefit approach, these excise taxes are placed into the WRA trust fund which is then distributed to the states.

Project activities using WRA funding include acquisition and management of wildlife habitat, wildlife research, surveys and inventories of wildlife problems, acquisition and development of access facilities for public use, and hunter education programs, including construction and operation of public target ranges. In Delaware, WRA funding is spent on three main focus areas: land acquisition and habitat management, hunter education, and wildlife research. 

Because this funding is derived from the sale of sporting equipment and matched with hunting license dollars, projects tend to be geared towards game species (those hunted or trapped); however, non-game species also benefit from habitat management, and habitat and research work conducted by WRA. Most non-game and endangered species receive funding from other sources such as State Wildlife Grants, which many game species are ineligible for.

  Examples of Fish & Wildlife WRA projects include:

Hunter Education

White-tailed Deer Management

Waterfowl Surveys

 Wildlife research in Delaware draws on federal and state funding to produce the likes of the new Delaware Deer Management Plan

Currently, research funded under WRA focuses on four wildlife investigation research topics: white-tailed deer, waterfowl, turkeys and wildlife surveys.  Listed below are the annual reports on these topics. Within each report is an explanation of the objectives, activities conducted during the grant year to meet those objectives and a summary of the results collected to date.  



Wild Turkey

Wildlife Surveys

2009 Deer Report

2009 Waterfowl Report

2009 Wild Turkey Report

2009 Wildlife Surveys

2010 Deer Report

2010 Waterfowl Report

2010 Wild Turkey Report

2010 Wildlife Surveys

2011 Deer Report


2011 Wild Turkey Report

2011 Wildlife Surveys

The reintroduction of wild turkeys in Delaware has become one of the state's outstanding wildlife success stories.

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