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New "Scrubber" at Valero's Delaware City Refinery Will Help Cut Sulfur Dioxide Emissions in Delaware



Valero Scrubber

 Coker Wet Gas Scrubber at Valero's Delaware City Refinery

Valero's Delaware City Refinery is scheduled to use a new "wet gas scrubber" (WSG) that officials expect will cut annual sulfur dioxide emissions from the facility's coker scrubber by 19,500 tons.

Valero’s coker burner flue gas will be rerouted through the carbon monoxide boiler and WGS scrubber train, rather than through the back-up incinerator where it is presently being combusted.

This is the first of two wet gas scrubbers at the Valero Delaware City Refinery that are required pursuant to a 2001 Consent Decree.

Here's how the procedure works: when the coker burner gases are routed through the WGS scrubber train particulate matter is removed.  Sulfur dioxide is scrubbed out in the absorber section. The stripped sulfur dioxide is then routed to the sulfur plant for sulfur recovery. In the process, the WGS will emit visible white steam.

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