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Division of Boiler Safety Frequently asked questions


Q. What Delaware Codes give the division its authority?The inside of a large boiler, specifically boiler tubes which contain the water or steam that heats the boiler.
A. The authority is stipulated in Title 29 Del. C. §8028 and §8029.

Q. Why do boilers and pressure vessels have to be inspected?
A. Safety of the citizens and visitors of Delaware is of utmost importance to Boiler Safety; therefore, objects are inspected to maintain a high level of safety and to prevent unnecessary accidents within the state at places of public assembly.

Q. What boilers and pressure vessels are required to be inspected and have current operating certificates posted?
A. All boilers and pressure vessels located in a "place of public assembly" shall be inspected and have a current operating certificate except those exempted under section c of Title 29 Del. C. §8028.

Q. What is a "place of public assembly"?
A. Any establishment, building or any portion thereof within this State intended and used for occupation by persons while employed therein for compensation of any kind, and any commercial structure or location to which the public has access. This shall include, but not be limited to - apartment buildings, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, theaters, houses of worship and sporting arenas.

Q. Who do I call to get information on obtaining a Stationary Engineer's License"
A. Call Boiler Safety at (302)744-2735 for the current contact information.

Q. I just purchased an existing business. How do I find out if my boiler or pressure vessel needs to be inspected?
A. Call Boiler Safety at (302)744-2735 to see if your object falls under our rules and regulations or if it is exempt. You may also refer to the About Boiler Safety section of the main page of this website for a copy of the latest Rules and Regulations.

Q. Who is responsible for making sure my boiler is inspected on time?
A. Insurance companies as well as the State of Delaware maintain accurate databases containing detailed information regarding objects located within the State of Delaware; however, ultimate responsibility lies with the owner of the object. The last inspection date should be written on the decal stapled to the certificate posted near the boiler or pressure vessel. The "cycle" for your object is located on the upper left hand corner of the certificate.

Q. What is my object's inspection "cycle"?
A. Each boiler and pressure vessel is assigned an inspection cycle. This cycle tells the inspector three important facts about your object. The cycle shows what type of object you have, the month it is due and the year it is due for inspection. Cycles have 4 digits. The first digit should be an A (high pressure boiler), B (boiler), or C (pressure vessel/air tank). The second and third digit shows the month your object is due for inspection (01 = January, 02 = February, 03 = March, etc), and the fourth digit represents the year due:

B = even year - 2008, 2010, 2012
C = odd year - 2007, 2009, 2011 

To find out your object's inspection cycle, please refer to the upper left hand corner of the certificate located near your boiler/pressure vessel or call Boiler Safety at (302)744-2735.

Q. My boiler/pressure vessel was recently inspected and failed. The violation has been corrected. What do I do now?
A. Contact Boiler Safety so an inspector can be notified that your object is ready for re-inspection. Upon a satisfactory inspection report being received by Boiler Safety, an invoice will be generated. Receipt of payment validates your operating certificate.

Q. Who is responsible for filling out and submitting the "Installation Registration Form"?
A. The installing contractor is responsible for filling out and submitting the "Installation Registration Form" to Boiler Safety.

Q. What other forms are the installing contractor required to submit to the division so an operating certificate can be obtained?
A. The installing contractor is required to fill out and submit a Certification and Reporting (CG-500) for Controls and Safety Devices Appendix C of CSD-1 or a Delaware Operational Test Form. These are exhibits in the 15th Edition of the Rules and Regulations.

Q. How long does it take to schedule an inspection of a boiler or pressure vessel?
A. The division would like to have at least 5 working days notice so our inspectors can schedule the inspection at their earliest convenience.

Q. When was ASME Controls and Safety Devices (CSD-1) adopted by the State of Delaware?
A. The State of Delaware adopted ASME CSD-1 on September 14, 1992.

Q. Who can repair boilers and pressure vessels by welding in the State of Delaware?
A. To weld on a boiler or pressure vessel that comes under Boiler Safety's jurisdiction, the company is required to possess a National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Repair Certification ("R" Stamp).

Q. What are the fees for inspections and operating certificates?
A. The fees for inspections by a State inspector are:

13.3.1 Power Boilers & High Pressure/High Temperature Hot Water Boilers: Internal inspection
  • under 5 HP $15.00
  • 5 HP up to 99 HP $25.00
  • 99 HP up to 200 HP $35.00
  • Over 200 HP, on an hourly basis with a minimum of $50.00 External Inspection $15.00
13.3.2 Heating Boilers and Hot Water Supply Boilers:
  • Without a manhole $15.00
  • With a manhole $25.00
13.3.3 Water heater $10.00
13.3.4 Pressure Vessels The required inspection fee shall be based on the cross-sectional area in square feet obtained by multiplying the square of the external diameter of the vessel in feet by 0.7854. For rectangular vessels, the product of the two greatest external dimensions in feet i.e., length by either width or depth, whichever is greater. For jacketed vessels, the product of the greatest external diameter in feet or width of outside shell and the greatest length or depth in feet of the outside shell.
  • Fifty (50) square feet or less $10.00
  • Each additional 100 square feet or fraction thereof in excess of 50 square feet $20.00

Fees for operating certificates are $7.50 per year.

Other fees are listed in the 15th Edition of the Rules and Regulations, Section 13.

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