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Boiler Safety commissions and testing


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The State of Delaware's Boiler Safety Program requires anyone conducting jurisdictional inspections to have a current National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector's Commission, and also a Delaware Certificate of Competency.

To obtain a National Board Commission, you must be employed by a jurisdictional authority or an insurance company licensed to sell boiler machinery insurance. To obtain a Delaware Certificate of Competency, you are required to hold a current National Board Commission and be employed by Boiler Safety, or be employed by an insurance company authorized to write boiler and pressure vessel insurance in the State of Delaware.

Locations of test sites: There are several locations where tests are administered depending on the number of people sitting for the test. Contact our office for location and directions for the test you want to take at 302-395-2500.

There are educational and/or work experience requirements that must be met prior to taking the examination. These requirements can be found at the National Board web site below.

The test is given the first Wednesday and one-half day Thursday of March, June, September, and December in the various jurisdictions, or at the National Board headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Requests for taking the test can be made to Boiler Safety prior to the 15th of the month before the next test.

Please contact the Boiler Safety Program at 302-395-2500 if you want to request sitting for the National Board examination.

Fees: Delaware Resident - $75; Non-Delaware Resident - $150

Delaware Certificate of Competency

In addition to having a National Board Commission, an inspector is required to take and pass a Delaware test to obtain a Certificate of Competency from the division. The following requirements must be met prior to taking the Delaware test:

  1. Shall file a notarized application with the Director and pay the fee established by Boiler Safety.
  2. Shall obtain a passing score of 70 percent on the validated examination for inspector.
  3. Shall possess a valid, current commission issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  4. Shall not have been the recipient of any administrative penalties regarding his or her inspection practices in any other state where he or she has held, or currently holds a commission. The applicant shall be responsible for providing proof of valid commission in all states where he or she holds or has held a commission as boiler inspector.

Fee: $50

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